#17 Finding stuff on sale

Well, Black Friday is fast approaching and I know people can’t wait to stand in line to recklessly knock each other over to get to the ridiculously unfairly marketed deals. However, this is about more than the violent episodes that may occur on that one day sale. It’s about random days when you didn’t expect to run into those large red tags, or hear the happy voice of  someone announcing “Today’s Blue Light Specials”.

Sales are a win/win situation for the consumer and the producer alike. Walking into a store to pick up something that you were gonna get anyway, sale or no sale and finding out that you just got 50% off is like a magic moment, that soon turns into a “Well, since that was half off, I guess I can get something else” moment, where you try to convince yourself that you have enough money to shop ’til you drop. Its great, right?!

#17 – Finding stuff on sale makes you feel less guilty and slightly nicer about buying it.

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