#16 Random “I LOVE YOUs”

Sometimes we say it when we hang up the phone, leave the house or on special days like birthdays and Valentine’s day. Is it all a force of habit? Maybe. Maybe not. However, it does get redundantly used and expected-and rightfully so of course.

To me, I Love You’s (ILY) are like a nation’s currency, the more we “print and circulate”, the value drops. So when we receive an ILY when we least expect it, from someone we least expect it from, it feels extra great, and sincere. Whether it’s a text message from a person you haven’t heard from in a while, a letter from a Soldier at war or, your toddler’s first time saying those powerful three words.

So say something special to someone you haven’t said it to lately. Pick up the phone, log onto Facebook or grab a pen. Feel free to make it your (their) own in a cheesy thoughtful way, like, writing it in their dirty car window, arranging it with their favorite finger food or, in any goofy “only-they-get-it” way.

#16 – Receiving (and giving) random I LOVE YOUs makes you feel slightly nicer.

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1 Response to “#16 Random “I LOVE YOUs””

  1. 1 vannaryy November 6, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    this is definitely true lol

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