#8 Having Enough Money

I put much debate into this one (to blog money, or to not). I could’ve left money off the list, after all, It’s so many other things that makes the world seem slightly nicer. Fact is, money does makes your world seem slightly nicer. If you disagree, ask families in India barely living off one dollar a day, I’m sure some will tell you a few more dollars would be nicer.

So kids, that’s why it’s important to get a good education so that you can get one of those jobs that you dream about. Then you’ll be able to offer your family a comfortable lifestyle.

Many people will argue that money isn’t important, but it is. Money allows one to take care of their family beyond sentimental love. Fact is, love doesn’t put food on the table. I’d love to go back to the times when currency was simple trade. (Need Help building your house? Offer your friends 20lbs of potatoes from your farm.) But we’re not in those times. That’s why money is on the list.

#8 Having money makes your world seem slightly nicer.

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