#7 Making Progress

Sometimes it can seem as though you’re stuck in or at a place that you just cannot surpass. It could be  anything, like a career, relationship, or video game. Ya know, when you feel you’ve hit that “wall”… that’s the place in which I’m referring. Some of us linger there a while, others grow comfortable and make it the norm and complacency settles in.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines- noun(n) Movement, as toward a goal; advance

Well, no one can argue that progression feels… right! If you can muster the slightest motivation to do a little better, You’ve over come an amazing blockage. Sometimes, due to our lack of motivation, we think that we’ve already achieved our best. Don’t let that fool you.

It’s also important to know when you need to progress. Timing is very critical, as the saying goes, “When opportunity knocks, you have to be ready.”

But the feeling, that feeling of surpassing the once thought impossible mark faster than you thought you were capable, is awesome and      calming. You get that burst of excitement before you realize the relaxing feeling of progress. Yes, run towards your goals.

#7- Progress makes you feel slightly nicer about yourself.

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