#19 Environmental Friendly Companies

When I was in the military, one of my commanders always said “If possible, leave things (and places) in better

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conditions than which you

found it.” I admire companies who does just that. While I can appreciate brands who are doing that, I must admit the level of admiration increases

with companies/brands who creates products that I actually use in my personal life. I imagine that you’re thoughts would be the same.

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Believe There is Good In The World


#18 Picking Back Up From Where You Left Off

Sometimes life or just simple events takes us off course and we are forced to pause on doing something that we love or like. In my case in writing this blog. I was just overwhelmedpicking-yourself-up with many other projects and a full time job (84 hours a week) so I forced myself to reduce that number, sadly this blog was one of the things. It was fairly new when I placed it on hold and the number of daily views wasn’t impressive enough to convince me to Continue reading ‘#18 Picking Back Up From Where You Left Off’

#17 Finding stuff on sale

Well, Black Friday is fast approaching and I know people can’t wait to stand in line to recklessly knock each other over to get to the ridiculously unfairly marketed deals. However, this is about more than the violent episodes that may occur on that one day sale. It’s about random days when you didn’t expect Continue reading ‘#17 Finding stuff on sale’

#16 Random “I LOVE YOUs”

Sometimes we say it when we hang up the phone, leave the house or on special days like birthdays and Valentine’s day. Is it all a force of habit? Maybe. Maybe not. However, it does get redundantly used and expected-and rightfully so of course.

To me, I Love You’s (ILY) are like a nation’s currency, the more we “print and circulate”, the value drops. So when we receive an ILY when we least expect it, from someone we least expect it from, it feels extra great, and sincere. Whether it’s a text message from a person you haven’t heard from in a while, a letter from a Soldier at war or, your toddler’s first time saying those powerful three words.

So say something special to someone you haven’t said it to lately. Pick up the phone, log onto Facebook or grab a pen. Feel free to make it your (their) own in a cheesy thoughtful way, like, writing it in their dirty car window, arranging it with their favorite finger food or, in any goofy “only-they-get-it” way.

#16 – Receiving (and giving) random I LOVE YOUs makes you feel slightly nicer.

#15 Getting the last “beverage”

Opening up the fridge at a party and discovering that you now have eyes on the last beer in the place may cause more than one thought to race through your thirsty mind. Relief: For the fact that you can enjoy one more cold, thirst-quenching drink. Then, Disappointment: Realizing that there’s only one beverage left at the party.Either way, I think excitement will eventually overtake the disappointment, due to the fact everyone is envying you, the person with the last cold-one. So you take your slow sips, trying to make it last long enough for a) more to arrive. Or b) the party to be officially declared ‘over’.

#15 – Getting the last of the “beverage” could make the ending of a good-night feel slightly nicer.

#14 Telling the truth & having the truth told to you

Honesty. It’s the best policy. There’s few things more nerve-racking than having someone lie to you. I think being on the receiving end of a lie affects more emotions than one would think. It could make you angry, sad, confused, irate and even happy (more on that later). It’s a direct insult to ones intelligence. The only reason a person would fib to you, is if they think that you’re not witty enough to realize that it’s a lie.

People lie about all types of things. What really causes me to become annoyed are Volunteer Liars (VL). They are the people who  lie when there is no real benefit for the lie. It’s just empty chatter.

Example: You’re talking to someone about the recent bad weather. The VL walks in the middle of the conversation, telling you about  a horrible-record-setting-storm that his/her 3rd cousin (whom, by the way, happens to be a blind, one legged, obese woman that plays for the Detroit Pistons) survived back in 1970.

Okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit. But There’s no point in the lie, still the VL chose to eject it from their mouth anyway.

Okay… The famous “White Lie”.

For reasons we think are “right”, white lies are accepted amongst the general population. Probably because it’ll be more polite to lie during a certain situation, than to be honest. However, that all depends on who you’re dealing with. No matter what, “A lie is a lie, even if its white.”(watch the video below)

I do believe that things would be nicer if everyone told the truth, when they should tell the truth. I have no problem “pleading the Fifth”. Realize that pleading the Fifth leaves room for assumption.

#14 – Telling the truth & having the truth told to you, makes people seem honest and slightly nicer.


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